About Our Reliable Security Guard Company in San Diego

United Security Services is a fully licensed and certified security guard company that provides both armed and unarmed service. We serve mostly San Diego, CA, and if you need armed/unarmed security or patrol services in or around that area, know that contacting us is your best option. See why below on this page.

Our team of 200+ security guard officers is well prepared for every operation, event, or fire watch. Regardless of our work hours, we have a dispatch team available for emergency calls, so feel free to contact us whenever you need us!

Why Turn to Us?

We ensure a reliable security service for different types of events, condos, construction sites, corporate events, and more. We offer quality service, customer satisfaction, an automated system, as well as an experience that is adaptable to every brand or trend.

  • Business and security licensed in California
  • Certied and fully insured business
  • Armed and unarmed staff
  • Residential and commercial protection
  • Affordable and competitive rates
  • 100% customer satisfaction

United Security Services: Most Reliable Security Company San Diego

United Security Services has been in operation for years and is one of the largest private security company in San Diego. With over 200+ guards offering the most efficient security guard services in San Diego, United Security Services specializes in a variety of fields, including Higher Education, Healthcare, and Corporate Campuses. United Security Services security guard services in San Diego are proud of their meticulously vetted and well-trained security guards sensitive to the specific needs of businesses and clients.

Why Choose Our security guard services In San Diego?

Comprehensive Security Guard Training

Our security guards undergo numerous training days to ensure they are efficient in their job and offer optimum security guard services in San Diego. Our training rooms are outfitted with cutting-edge security and training equipment, including metal detectors, fire extinguishers, and LCD projectors, among others.

Own Automobiles

We use our cars and heavily utilize them for day and night patrols.

Continuous Knowledge Updating of the Security Staff

We ensure that our guards are always informed about newer information on security. We offer a high level of training and arrange meetings for each security guard to maintain their knowledge level. Staying informed about security threats and new security gadgets allows our guards to offer the most efficient security guard services in San Diego.

Regular Night Check

Every client provides monthly input for each security guard, and based on this feedback, each security guard undergoes training or receives an incentive for their services.


Monthly audits are conducted for all regions/routes by a team reporting directly to the director. Field/route officers and managers are rewarded depending on their audit results. The staff, audit output, and upkeep of post registers.

Post-Service Manuals

There are duty manuals for each and every station. These manuals record requirements unique to a security guard’s post, such as the timing for switching shifts and more. It is helpful when replacing guards for any reason and allows us to offer error-free security guard services in San Diego.

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Leave Safety And Maintenance Of Security Services To Us

United Security Services has distinguished itself by acquiring higher-value businesses and offering them the most secure services. In contrast to “security guards,” who are only uniformed bodies, a United Security Services security officer is the consummate security professional with better credentials and advanced degrees.

At United Security Services, we offer security guard jobs in San Diego that leave you without any worry about intruders. You can focus on your work, enjoy time at home, and stay in relief while our security guards stay awake and watch out for all dangers.

Customized Solutions For Modern Security Guard Services In San Diego

  • Staff with Efficiency and Expertise for security guard services in San Diego.
  • Usage of Modern Equipment & Techniques.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions
  • Thorough Background Checks Of Security Guards
  • Licensed Security Personnel
  • Years of Trustable And Secure Services
  • Highest Standards
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Track, Analyse & Manage
  • 24/7 Supervision & Monitoring

Our experienced and physically fit security guards offer the best security guard jobs in San Diego. Contact United Security Services for the safest and optimum security guard services in San Diego.