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The professional security service providing officers in Solana Beach is licensed by California’s Solana Beach of Security and Investigative Services. They have earned this license after getting trained completely and properly. These services are rendered effectively for stopping criminal activity, promoting security, enforcing laws, and offering assistance in a number of areas, such as validating credentials, baggage checking, authorizing parking passes, tracking supplies, greeting tourists, and more. When you employ United Security Services, you should also hope to get a qualified armed or unarmed security guard who will be timely, professionally dressed, and equipped with all they want for the job. If you choose to have a dedicated security officer at Solana Beach for your business center or to look over after costly machinery, then United Security Services is here for you.

This means that they have passed criminal history background checks through both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), and completed extensive private security skills training.

Training includes powers to arrest, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism awareness, public relations, observation and documentation, internal and external communication, liability/legal aspects, and a number of elective courses, such as evacuation procedures, officer safety, post order, and assignments, trespass, workplace violence, first aid/CPR, search and seizure, arrests and more. Some of our guards have also completed firearms and baton training, so they are qualified and licensed to provide armed security.

When you are ready to explore private security services for your corporate office, shopping center, school, business park, residential community, health care facility, parking garage, special event, warehouse, storage facility, or other location, give us a call. Because each client has different security goals, preferences, budgets, and vulnerabilities, it is critical that a security plan be personalized.

otherwise, you may not be getting the level of security you need or effectively maximizing your budget. When you call us, you’ll work with one of our security experts who excels at customizing our guard services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Armed and Unarmed Guard Services for Solana Beach, CA: Patrols, Fire Watch, Events & More

When you hire guard services from United Security, you can expect to always get a licensed security guard who will be prompt, professionally dressed, and equipped with everything they need for the assignment.

The guard will also arrive fully apprised of their post duties. Post duties are defined when the security plan is developed, but may include any or all of the following:

  • tracking shipments
  • general customer assistance
  • performing bag/belonging searches
  • issuing badges
  • checking credentials
  • keeping material logs, arrival/departure logs, truck logs, and other activity logs
  • accepting packages
  • and more.

Security Guards Sandiego
Security Guards Sandiego

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Our armed and unarmed security officers undergo extensive background checks and participate in on-going training taught by retired police officers.

Whether you want a dedicated security guard at a business center in Solana Beach or a standing guard to watch over expensive equipment or artwork, United Security Services San Diego can help. Call us today to learn more about why we offer some of the best security services in Solana Beach, CA. -(800) 505-1234


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