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Perhaps your office building is located in a rough neighborhood and you’re worried about your tenants’ safety. Or maybe your commercial property is in a relatively crime-free location but you just want to err on the side of caution. Either way, your best move is to hire a professional security guard from United Security Services! We are a trusted and highly experienced security company in San Diego, CA, and we are proud to offer top-tier commercial security services to our clients. Give us a call today!

What We Protect

We can guard and protect almost any type of commercial establishment! Many of our clients own and/or manage schools, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, medical facilities, and event and entertainment venues. We also cater to clubs, casinos, warehouses, storage facilities, financial institutions, manufacturing facilities, and government facilities.

We even offer our services to airports, energy facilities, and entire business parks! No matter what your commercial security needs are, you have the assurance that we can meet them.

Our Competitive Edge

There are several security companies in and around in San Diego, CA, so why should you decide to hire our team? The answer is simple: we offer world-class commercial security services, and we can provide your property with the highest possible levels of protection!

All of our security guards have years of experience in the industry, and they have gone through intensive training that has helped them improve their abilities and master advanced security techniques. Of course, they undergo ongoing training so they can continue to sharpen their skills, update their knowledge, and learn about modern methods and processes that they can do to become even better at their job. When you hire our team, you’re assured that your property is always in good hands and that it’s always protected from security threats.

Security Guards Sandiego
Security Guards Sandiego

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If you’re ready to hire a security guard or two for your commercial property, reach out to United Security Services San Diego today! Dial (800) 505-1234 now to speak with our experts and learn more about your commercial security services.